Timex WR50M Watches


I love watches and am always on the lookout for nice, sleek designs.  For me, the functionality and fashion style of a watch is equally important because both add to the experience of wearing the watch.  After all, it is not just enough that it helps you tell the time, a watch should enhance your stature and outfit as well.

For that reason, I love Timex watches. There is just something about the design that appeals to me.  I have had many Timex’s over the years and none have greatly disappointed me unlike some other watch brands.  One of my favorite Timex range has to the Timex WR50M.

When people talk about Timex, they would probably mention about the Ironman range the most. After all, this is the range that is heavily invested in those involved in heavy sports or physical activities.  However, my pick has to be the Timex WR50M every time because it looks good seemingly without even trying.  It is of the proper size and has the requirements that I want and need in a watch. The digital/analog clock face is a Godsend especially since I don’t prefer the normal watch faces anyway.

The Timex WR50M is also pretty durable and long lasting.  The watch face is scratch resistant to a certain point.  Of course, if you go poking sharp objects at it, you will find just the little fissure of a scratch on the surface but why would you want to do that in the first place?  The Timex WR50M that I bought is also water resistant though I’ve never had the urge to try dropping it in the water to try it out.  After all, I have had many unpleasant experiences where other water resistant watches just died on me after an accidental dip in the bath.

For first time users of the Timex WR50M,  it might get a little complicated and confusing at first because setting the time can be a bit of a pain.  My advice would be to pore diligently through the user manual and try and find a way to set it properly.  Other than that, just do like I do, and search for reviews over the Internet.  There are many users who have posted up helpful comments as to what you can do to sort out this little problem.  Trust me, once you have worked that out, you can fully enjoy the Timex WR50M for the rest of your life.

As far as watches go, I have to say that the Timex WR50M has to be one of the best that I have.  In terms of the design and functionality, this watch provides me with everything that I need.  In a watch, you look for something that says a lot about your personality.

The Timex WR50M also comes with interchangeable watch bands that you can easily purchase over the internet so you won’t be stuck with the same boring strap every day.  That is why the Timex WR50M has to be a favorite with me.  It works like a dream and has that extra oomph as well!