Setting Time On Timex WR50M


The Timex brand is ever celebrated for its durability and beautiful design.  If you are a watch enthusiast, then you would definitely have a Timex in your collection. One of the more famous lines in the Timex range is the Timex WR50M.  It is sleek without being over the top and lasts really long as well.  As a watch, not many people have negative things to say about the Timex WR50M.

However, not everything is perfect in this world. The most common thing that people say about the Timex WR50M that they wish they could change would be the time settings.  It is rather complicated and if you are a first time owner of the Timex WR50M, the process can be a little frustrating.  Luckily for you, once you get the hang of things, it is really easy to set the time. This little guide will assist you.

For starters, take out your Timex WR50M and have a look at it.  You will notice – if you haven’t before this – that there are four buttons to the watch.  There are four modes that you can play around with for the setting; namely “set”, “start/stop”, “mode” and “indigo”.   To change or reset the time, you can basically ignore the “mode” and “indigo” buttons because they don’t do anything at this stage of resetting the time.

To set the time, all you need to do is press “set” as well as “start/stop” simultaneously.  You need to ensure that you have got both buttons on at the same time and don’t release it immediately.  Once you press both of these buttons down, you need to keep it this way for at least a few seconds.  Then, you will notice that the numbers on your watch face will start to flicker.  The numbers that blink should be the numbers representing the seconds.

Once you have the numbers flickering,  you can start setting or changing your time.  You now have to use the “mode” button to change either the date or time on your Timex WR50M.  Adjust the timing as to the number that you want to.  Once you have done so, just press the “set” button and your timing and date has been adjusted.  The process is really simple, isn’t it?

Probably the reason why there have been many complaints about the time adjustment on the Timex WR50M is because of the four buttons that you can choose from.  If you go about fiddling around with all of them at the same time,  chances are you would never be able to locate the correct way to set the time.  If you follow this simple guideline, you would definitely be able set the time without any further problems.